Sunday, November 14, 2010

We've been floored! (in the bedroom only)

Here is Bobby putting down the glue. It looked like chocolate frosting, but it didn't smell like it.

This was after 10+ hours of labor. A 1-day project that wasn't too bad except for all of the squatting we had to do. AND the glue was next to impossible to get off. When you tried to peel it off, it took your skin with it.

But considering the results, it was all worth it. Wouldn't you agree?

Here are some pics with furniture. This flooring is a strand bamboo. That means they kind of shred the bamboo when it's young and press it into boards. It results in a really beautiful textured look. You can't see many of the bamboo knots. It's also known as being really strong and good if you have pets.

One last thing-this post is dedicated to LISA CASCIOLA because every time I see her, she gives me a hard time for not updating our blog often enough. I'm sorry. I would say I'll do better next time, but I don't want to raise your hopes too much. Lisa-let me know when you see this. I need to know you haven't given up on us yet.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Update series-Mexico!

Bobby put in our last kitchen light fixture.
Even better, he did this when I was still on vacation.

In early June, Bobby and I took a trip to Mexico with some friends. It was wonderful and here are some of the items/influences we brought back with us.

Everything in this photo (except the piano) is from Mexico.

This is a photo Bobby took in San Poncho (a super adorable town with a great beach.)

We bought this jug at a shop our friends took us to in Bucerias.

The shop also carried these Katrinas-skeletons in fancy clothes. They are usually standing up, but Bobby liked the sitting ones. I already wish I had bought more of them.

Katrinas have nothing to do with the Day of the Dead-it's more of a response of the poorer Mexicans to the richer, fancily dressed Europeans that started coming 150 years ago. 'You may look fancy now, but we'll all look the same when we're dead.'

These drawer pulls look like I should have bought them in Mexico, but I actually bought them in Fish Creek, WI.

I call this my Love Dove (even though I know it's more of a religious piece.) I found it at the same place where I bought the Katrinas and pitcher. Sadly, that shop will not still be there if we ever go back.

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Outside stuff

We've been able to devote some time to our landscape. You can also see most of the other changes from this picture.

We added a couple of hydrangeas. Can you tell which was planted last fall and which was planted this spring?

We added some herbs leading up one set of steps to the house. Two kinds of thyme and two kinds of sage.

Most recently, we added this planting at the corner of our driveway and sidewalk. I used a combination of native and non-native plants.
Threadleaf coreopsis, Missouri primrose, Turtlehead, Purple poppy mallow, Bush's poppy mallow, and Blue star aster.

Bobby made this planter for me. I used it for spring plants, but some didn't do so hot.
Maybe fall will be better.

Butternut squash that is supposed to grow up the nylon grid (with a little assistance from me, of course.)

One of two trellises that I'm using to grow cucumber, tomatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe.
In front, I've added several pepper plants, mint, and various flowers.

Earlier in spring, I couldn't stand waiting for things in my yard to bloom, so I mixed some flowers with herbs and put them into planters.

Our gorgeous bathroom is almost finished. What we lack in space, we try to make up for in style. Sage green walls, white fixtures, white subway tile, and a blue/green/white glass tile accent around the shower.

We also have a guest bedroom now so you can come visit. I have a quilt in the works, but it's being professionally finished. Hopefully it will be on the bed in a month or two.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So long to the rustic plywood counter top.

After quite a bit of work fabricating them , I installed the new Corian counter tops over the weekend. It is a big improvement over this and this.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tile Update

here is the latest on the master bath.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yes, 2 in 1 day

There used to be 2 other trees here, but they are mostly gone. The tree on the right is new and looks much better when it has leaves.
Another picture of our new autumn blaze maple
Our new deck railing
From the front

I seriously plan to be a better blog manager, so here are pics of what we did this weekend. You will be pretty well caught up after this post. I'll make posts on FB when I add pics.